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Welcome to the world of INŌ SCENT. We are so glad to have you here.

My initial vision when starting INŌ SCENT was to create candles using natural and eco-friendly ingredients. At the same time, I wanted to focus on the aesthetic and exquisite fragrance of our products.

All the fragrances that I’ve created with the help of master perfumers are all very significant and personal to me. Each of them evokes special memories and contains ingredients that are very dear to me and my daily lifestyle.

At INŌ SCENT, we also make sure to only use the highest quality of wax and the maximum % of fragrance in each candle. Our wicks are made of organic cotton and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

I hope you enjoy all the love and care that has been put in the manufacturing of our candles.

Camilla Ferrero, Founder & CEO
Hand crafted

All of our candles are hand-made. This means they are fully hand mixed, hand poured and individually tested.

Quality Assured

Each and every candle is expertly crafted before it’s checked to ensure it meets the highest standards.


No toxic chemicals are used to make our products. Each batch is hand poured and tested by a human.


Pouring candles by hand means less waste. Unlike factory-made candles, no energy, water or other materials are wasted.

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